Let’s run through Minamiaso, a village in the world’s largest caldera!

In order to become a beacon of hope for stagnant sports and the local economy of Minamiaso Village, we held the first Minamiaso Caldera Trail in January 2021.
Now in its 8th year, the event will be held in four categories: 30km, 18km, and 2km, in addition to the 50km first held in the summer!
Why don't you come and run through the beautiful Minami Aso in summer?


Movie of the 7th event(for overseas visitors)

First time trail running!

Runners are also increasingly participating in trail running!

MITSUKA Takaya(Entry in the 5th)

SHIMURA Miki (Entry in the 7th)

It`s also a fun sport to think about supplemental food and equipment!



[Notice of the start of entries for the 8th Annual Convention]
We are now accepting entries for the 8th Annual Tournament.
We look forward to receiving your entries!
[Gallery is now open]
Thank you for participating in the tournament. Official photos are now available.
[The event is expected to be held as scheduled]
The Minamiaso Caldera Trail on December 17 is expected to be held as scheduled. Temperatures are forecast to drop from tomorrow onward, so please be prepared to stay warm. Please check the latest road conditions on the day of the event and arrive on time. The course may be changed or shortened at short notice depending on the weather.
The "Village Road Hisakino/Nishihara Route (commonly known as Green Road)" leading from Kumamoto City and Mashiki Town to the tournament venue (Aspecta) via Jizo Pass will be closed due to disaster restoration work. Please use Route 57 or Tawarayama Tunnel from the Kumamoto City area.
[About the decision to cancel the event]
Any decision to cancel the tournament due to inclement weather, etc., will be announced on our website and by e-mail to participants by the end of December 15.
[Web Results Bulletin]
Web Results Bulletin can be viewed on the website. You can also get a certificate of completion from the website.
You can download the image data of the certificate of completion by clicking on your record. Please make use of this service.
Web Results Bulletin
[The start list is now available]
The start list is now available. Please check your number.
Also, please make sure to check your Required equipment for the day. If you do not have the Required equipment, you will be disqualified.
[Guide map released]
We have prepared a guide map of the race. You can check it here.
[Participation Guide has been updated]
Participation guide is now available.
If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail.
[The schedule has been updated]
We had originally planned to start the wave for each of the 100 participants, but have decided to proceed with each division starting at the same time.
Thank you for your understanding.
[Course maps have been released]
Course maps for 50km, 30km, and 18km have been released.
Please wait for a while for the 50km GPX data.
[Notice of start of entries for the 7th competition]
We apologize for the inconvenience.
We have started accepting entries for the 7th tournament, which has been postponed.
We look forward to your entries!
what kind of place is Minamiaso?
Nestled at the base of the southern Aso Caldera, Minamiaso is a haven of tranquility, wrapped in lush greenery, blessed with pristine water and top-notch hot springs. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and rejuvenate! The town offers a plethora of activities to indulge in. From soaking in the hot springs, trekking through the scenic trails, cycling around the countryside, to savoring the local gourmet delights like Akaushi beef. You can also explore your artistic side with pottery or visit the local art museums. The list is endless! The town caters to all - whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure, or a touch of art. And the best part? You can’t possibly cover it all in a day! So, whether you’re solo, with friends, or family, we invite you to visit Minamiaso time and again. Discover your own little slice of paradise in our charming countryside town. 🎵

Unwind in Minamiao‘s Onsen Retreats

Minamiaso is a hot spring village with unique hot springs scattered over a large area. Jigoku Onsen, Tarutama Onsen, Hinoyama Onsen, Hakusui Onsen, and Tochigi Onsen. These five hot springs are compared to the five mountains of Mt. Aso and are called "Gogaku Goto".
Its unique feature is that you can enjoy a variety of hot springs only within the Minamiaso area, and there are many facilities that can be used as drop-in hot springs. There are 13 facilities in the village where you can stop by and enjoy hot springs, and 5 facilities with family baths. We recommend staying overnight for those who want a relaxing stay! After running through Minamiaso, let's wash off a sweat in a hot spring!
For more details on the drop-in hot spring map, click below

A Spice Journey through Our Village’s Diverse Curry Shops

Did you know that Minamiaso is a curry paradise?
This quaint town is brimming with eateries serving up a variety of curries. From local Aka beef curry, game meat curry made with deer and boar, to tropical coconut-based curry, and curry loaded with fresh Minamiaso vegetables, there's a world of flavors waiting for you to explore! Whether you prefer a homely mild curry or a spicy dish from a specialty shop, there's something for everyone.
Worried about the heat? Fear not! The "Minamiaso Curry Map" indicates the spice level of each dish with chili pepper icons, so you can choose according to your preference. Grab a map and embark on a culinary adventure to find your favorite curry!

You can get your Minamiaso Curry Map
(also available at tourist information centers and participating restaurants).
Happy curry hunting!

Discovering the Village’s Best kept Secret Bread shops.

Did you know that Minamiaso might have the highest number of bakeries per capita in Japan?
This charming town is a haven for bread lovers, with a plethora of bakeries offering a wide variety of delicious breads. From crusty artisanal loaves to fluffy, soft buns, the variety is endless and you’ll be spoilt for choice.
Perhaps it’s the pristine water in the area that’s the secret ingredient for these tasty treats. So why not grab a “Minamiaso Bread Map” and set off on a bakery-hopping adventure? These bakeries also make for great souvenir stops!
You can get your Minamiaso Bread Map
(also available at tourist information centers and participating bakeries).
Happy bread adventures!

A Musical Journey in Our Historic Outdoor Venue

Did you know about the legendary “BEATCHILD” festival that rocked Minamiaso?
The outdoor music theater Aspecta in Minamiaso was the site of Japan’s first all-night rock festival on August 22-23, 1987. The event brought together the top artists of the Japanese rock scene at the time. Initially planned for an audience of 30,000, ticket sales eventually exceeded a whopping 70,000! The venue was packed with young people from their teens to their thirties.
The lineup included iconic artists such as THE BLUE HEARTS, RED WARRIORS, Yasuyuki Okamura, Takako Shirai & CRAZY BOYS, HOUND DOG, BOΦWY, THE STEREET SLIDERS, Yutaka Ozaki, Misato Watanabe, and Motoharu Sano with THE HEARTLAND. The event was later immortalized in a documentary film, “Baby, Are You Okay? BEATCHILD 1987,” released in 2013.

Today, the legendary Aspecta serves as the main venue for the Minamiaso Caldera Trail. Why not take a moment to soak in the majestic scenery of Aso, while feeling the echoes of this legendary event under your feet?

Cycling, Trekking, and Farming Adventures in Our Backyard

For those of you who still want to move your body, we recommend activities where you can fully enjoy the great outdoors of Minamiaso!

At the “Activity Center Minamiaso” located in “Asobo no Sato Kugino”, there is a bicycle rental service. The exhilarating feeling of cutting through the wind on a bicycle is exceptional. You can enjoy the unique scenery of Minamiaso, whether you’re touring the water sources or aiming for the top of Mt. Aso. They have everything from simple basket bicycles to e-bikes, and the electric assist makes it easy to ride. It’s a fun experience for everyone, from those who don’t usually ride bicycles to serious cyclists with their own bikes.

For more details on the bicycle rental, click

Mennoishi Trekking is a popular trekking course where you aim for a cave shaped like a cat, passing through forests and rocky areas. In recent years, it has been visited by many cat lovers as a popular cat spot. The stone that was once famous as the “stone that doesn’t fall” fell during the Kumamoto earthquake, but miraculously it didn’t break and remains on the trekking course. Now it’s known as the “substitute stone” that fell instead of job-hunting students and examinees, and it’s a power spot!

For more details on Mennoishi Trekking, click

Farming Experience
At “Minamiaso Farm Camp”, we offer guided tours to showcase the culture and nature of Aso in the great outdoors. This includes crafts, and activities to immerse yourself into Minamiaso life. You can enjoy a leisurely walk through the countryside while feeling the seasons, “hand spinning of Japanese cotton” where you spin thread from cotton, and “herbarium” where you can use a variety of dried flowers, including roses from Minamiaso, in various crafts.

For more information on Minamiaso Farm Camp, click